Carol Cable 14/3 SJOOW 300V, 300' Spool (CR00174BT24)


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SOOW and SJOOW portable cord are types of heavy-duty service cord with oil-resistant insulation and a flexible thermoset rubber jacket that is oil-, water-, and weather-resistant. The jacket hardens under a direct application of heat. This allows the cord to be unaffected by aging, abrasion, water, sunlight, and ozone, making it extremely durable. SOOW cord is rated for 600V while SJOOW, a junior service cord, is rated for 300V. SOOW is the most popular type of portable cord and is typically used to power industrial applications, such as machines and power tools, and marine applications, such as dockside motors.

Portable cord is flexible, moveable electrical cable that consists of one or more insulated conductors enclosed in a jacket. It is typically used for temporary power connections. Portable cord can be exposed to constant flexing and harsh environmental conditions, including temperature extremes, oil, chemicals, and abrasive materials. There are multiple types of portable cord, as designated by industry standard letter codes that describe various attributes (temperature range, wire size) and ratings (voltage) and help ensure the best cord is selected for an application. Portable cord is commonly used for temporary wiring projects in industrial and commercial facilities, such as supplying power to portable tools, appliances, and equipment, as well as small motors and associated machinery. It does not include plugs on the ends of the cord.

  • Item: Portable Cord
  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Wire Size: 14 AWG
  • Trade Designation: SJOOW
  • Jacket Material: EPDM Rubber
  • Wire Color: Black, Green, White
  • Jacket Color: Black
  • Length (Straight Wireway): 300 ft
  • Voltage: 300 V
  • Nominal Outside Dia.: 0.36 in
  • Location: Outdoor
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Conductor Design: Stranded
  • Temp. Rating: -40 Degrees to 194 Degrees F
  • Special Features: 2.19 in Minimum Bend Radius, Moisture and Abrasion-Resistant, Resist Oil
  • Standards: OSHA and Bureau of Mines (MSHA)