Hey, we have HVAC filters and need to get them moving. Do you need a cheaper alternative to your filter needs? Let me know what sizes you need most and I will see what we have in stock.

     These are going cheap because most of the time the pallet was loaded by a newbie that either put something heavy on top of it and crushed some of them or just ran a fork through the whole stack. We have been throwing the good filters away with the damaged ones but if you want to get them on a scratch and dent budget we will start holding on to them. We get various sizes and styles in all the time, everything from home furnace to industrial cartridge filters. These will be for local pickup and you can come pay and pick them up here. We are selling these filters "AS IS" so you get the whole box as we got it off the truck.

     If you really want to pay for the shipping on these, I will get you a quote for it but be aware that the dimensional weight on these makes the shipping high. That is why we are focusing on local people.

     This is the start of this section of our business and we need some feedback on what we should be on the look out for. So contact us through the email link or leave a public comment on the "What's In Stock This Week?" page with your most used sizes and I will start keeping a list of what we need to keep in stock. Here are some examples of what we get in. We can't hold on to them forever, they take up a lot of room. We trash them when we need room, so get them while the getting's good. 

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