Loctite 3341 clear one-part acrylic adhesive, 25 ml. Syringe (SQ6843854X01)


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Loctite 3341 clear one-part acrylic adhesive is compatible with pvc and thermoplastic materials. Delivers great performance with a shear strength of 899 psi. Comes in a 25 ml Syringe. The IDH number for this item is 237061.


  • Brand: Loctite

  • Loctite Number: 3341

  • Material Compatibility: PVC, Thermoplastic

  • Multi-Part Adhesive: One-Part

  • Curing Method: Visible Light Cure

  • Color: Clear

  • Product Form: Liquid

  • Package Type: Syringe

  • Package Size: 25 ml

  • Shear Strength: 899 psi