Rifing 12/4 SOOW, 12 AWG 4 Conductor Portable Power Cable, 100', 600 Volt (SQ0688437WT12)

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Cable type: 12-4 SOOW

Length: 100’

For use as portable electrical power and portable control cable. It can be used for ground test or motor leads. Also, it provides heavy-duty service for industrial tools, portable lights, battery chargers and equipment exposed to oils, solvents, flame and grease. SOOW cable has excellent resistance to oil, chemicals, acids, ozone & moisture, has high flexibility, resistance to abrasion, and provides good tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics.

  • Nominal OD: 0.65

  • 16 Amps Per Conductor

  • Synthetic rubber insulation

  • Thermoset jacket

  • 194°F

  • 600 V

  • CONDUCTOR: Bare, annealed copper per ASTM B-3, flexible, bunch stranded per UL 62, a separator may be applied over the conductor

  • INSULATION: Synthetic rubber per UL 62

  • COLOR CODE: Per ICEA Method 1, Table E-1 (up to 21/C) except 4/C which is black, white, green, red

  • ASSEMBLY: Insulated conductors are cabled with fillers as necessary to make round, a separator is applied over the assembly

  • OVERALL JACKET: Black, oil-resistant thermoset compound per UL 62

  • STANDARDS: Meets the UL 62 requirements for Type SOOW, also meets CSA requirements for Type SOOW, accepted by MSHA and printed with the manufacturer's P number

  • AMPACITY: Based on a 30°C ambient temperature per 2008 NEC Table 400.5(A), the values are derated (where applicable) according to 2008 NEC Article 400.5