10 pk, Sandvik TPMR 09 02 04 4225 T-Max S insert for turning (SQ0020828WT14)


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Material classification level 1 (TMC1ISO): PK

Insert Format Code (IFS): 1

Insert shape and size (CUTINTSIZESHAPE): TP0902

Number of cutting edges (CEDC): 3

Inner circle diameter (IC): 5.556 mm

Insert shape code (SC): T

Effective length of cutting edge (LE): 9.499 mm

Corner radius (RE): 0.397 mm

Wiper edge feature (WEP): false

Direction (HAND): N

Grade (GRADE): 4225

Insert material (SUBSTRATE): HC

Coating layer (COATING): CVD TICN + AL2O3 + TIN

Insert thickness (S): 2.381 mm

Main relief angle (AN): 11 deg