(25pk) Belleville washers 5/8" x 1-1/4" x 0.075" (183674801105-WTA32)


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Disc springs provide a great solution in situations when the load required is high and the available space is limited. They can be engineered to provide loading profiles that are not feasible with coiled springs, resulting in a solution that supports a maximum load with minimal space and weight requirements.

One of biggest advantages of disc springs in application, is the ability to configure them in stacks to achieve a desired load and travel. Stack options include parallel stacks that increase the maximum load allowance with each added washer, series stacks that increase the amount of available travel, or the combination of both parallel and series washers to fine tune the resulting spring characteristics for your application requirements.

QTY:                  25

I.D.:                    5/8"

O.D.:                  1-1/4" (uncompressed)

THICKNESS:    0.075"

HEIGHT:            0.123" (uncompressed)

MATERIAL:       Steel (magnetic)