3M Bell Ear Plugs, 29 dB Noise Reduction Rating NRR, Uncorded, M, Purple, PK 100 (SQ3452023WT02)


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Ear plugs fit into the ear canal to form a seal that reduces sound levels to help prevent hearing loss in noisy work environments. Compared to ear muffs, ear plugs are more portable and more comfortable to wear over a longer time period and when working in hot or humid areas. They also won't get in the way of hard hats, faceshields, or eyewear. Uncorded ear plugs are a common choice where workers frequently change ear plugs or when a cord could get tangled or caught in machinery. Banded and corded ear plugs can rest around your neck when they're not in use, which makes them less likely to get lost than uncorded ear plugs.

Bell-shaped ear plugs have a flared end that provides extra coverage at the edge of the ear canal. The flare also provides a gripping point to aid insertion and removal of the plug.

Item: Ear Plugs

  • Disposable/ Reusable: Disposable

  • Noise Reduction Rating NRR: 29 dB

  • Insertion Method: Push-In

  • Metal Detectable: No

  • Ear Plug Color: Purple

  • Ear Plug Material: Soft Foam

  • Ear Plug Shape: Bell

  • Ear Plug Size: M

  • Cord Options: Uncorded

  • Pairs per Package: 100

  • Ear Plug Packaging: Bulk Bag, Unwrapped

  • Ear Plug Pair Pack Type: Loose

  • Series: No-Touch(TM)

  • Standards: ANSI S3.19-1974