58641-1 TE Application Tooling Tool Hand Crimper 22-26Awg Side (184307646704-BT07)


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58641-1 TE Application Tooling Tool Hand Crimper 22-26Awg Side 

The 58641-1 is a PRO-CRIMPER-III hand Crimp Tool for use with AMPMODU 26 to 22AWG MOD IV contacts. It features a tool frame with a stationary jaw and handle, a moving jaw, a moving handle and an adjustable ratchet that ensures full contact crimping, the tool frame holds a die assembly with two crimping sections, die assembly features a wire anvil, an insulation anvil, a wire crimper and an insulation crimper, attached to the outside of the frame is a locator assembly which contains a locator, a spring retainer and a contact support, die retaining pins and die retaining screws are used to position and secure the dies in the tool frame, a nut is used on the upper die retaining screw to hold the locator assembly in place. This tool is intended for occasional use and low volume applications.
  • 1.02 to 1.52mm Insulated diameter
  • 4.37 to 3.58mm Strip length