8pk, Parker AU10-025 X 8 Adsorber Element Filter (SQ4027405WT29)

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Finite/Parker AU10-025 X 8 1" x 2.5", 3 Micron, 99 Percent Efficiency, Urethane End Seal, Adsorber, Filter Element

Product Features / Technical Specifications

Material: Urethane End Seal

Service: Air, Gas

Size: 1 Inch x 2.5 Inch

Type: Adsorber

Additional Information:

Operating Temperature: 175 Deg F

Efficiency: 99 Percent

Features & Benefits:

Adsorption Elements are Used to Remove Vapors (Hydrocarbon or Water) that are not Removed by the Coalescing Filter | Hydrocarbon Vapors Collect in the Element, While Clean Air Exits the Housing through the Outlet Port | Ultrafine Grained Highly Concentrated, Activated Carbon Sheet Media | This Media Type is Used to Remove Hydrocarbon Vapor and is Often Used to Remove the Smell or Taste of Compressor Lube Oil from Breathing Air

Filter Rating: 3 Micron