ABUS Lockout Padlock, Red, 74/40, Keyed Different (SQ8875352WT07)


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This ABUS LOTO padlock is built especially for safety lockout applications, to help ensure machines remain inoperable during servicing, repairs, or adjustment.
It is completely insulated against electric shocks, and its aluminum body offers a high level of heat resistance.
The safety padlock is designed to be easily distinguishable from security padlocks, and comes with multilingual warning labels.

Item: Lockout Padlock

  • Key Type: Different

  • Body Material: Aluminum

  • Shackle Dia.: 1/4 in

  • Shackle Height: 1 1/2 in

  • Shackle Material: Hardened Steel

  • Shackle Width: 3/4 in

  • Body Width: 1 37/64 in

  • Body Thickness: 25/32 in

  • Legend: Danger Locked Out

  • Includes: English, French Lockout Labels, Spanish

  • Standards: OSHA 1910.147

  • Body Height: 2 in

  • Body Color: Red

  • Shackle Type: Open

  • Number of Keys: 1

  • Number of Pins: 6