BULLARD Front Brim, Hard Hat, Type 1, Class C ANSI Classification, S62, Pinlock (4-Point), 62KBP (SQ7185522WT02)


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Vented front-brim (Type 1, Class C) hard hats are vented to help dissipate heat and have a front brim to protect the face from sun, reduce glare, and help shed rain. Type 1 hard hats protect wearers from vertical impacts. Vents on Class C hard hats allow a clear path for electrical arcing, so they should not be used in locations where electrical hazards are present. While full-brim hard hats are used outdoors and in harsh sunlight, front-brim hard hats are used indoors, and locations where the sun is less harsh.

Hard hats and helmets protect the wearer from hazards that impact the head. They have a suspension system that moves the impact force though the body to feet, helping to reduce strain to the head, neck, and spine. These hard hats and helmets are ANSI rated and OSHA compliant. Types and classes combine to indicate the impact type (vertical only or vertical and angled) and level of electrical protection (none, low voltage, or high voltage) provided. Hard hats and helmets should be inspected regularly for structural integrity. Hard hats are used by construction workers, road crews, or where required by OSHA safety regulations.

Technical Specs

Item: Hard Hat

ANSI Classification: Type 1, Class C

Head Protection Style: Front

Brim Head Protection Suspension Type: Pinlock (4-Point)

Head Protection Color: Blue

Head Protection Graphics: No Graphics

Fits Hat Size: 6-1/2 to 8

Head Protection Material: Polyethylene

Accessory Mounting Options: Side-Slots

Head Protection Venting: Yes

High Visibility: No

Standards: ANSI Z89.1-2009

Series: S62

Color/Graphics Type: Basic

Colors Suspension Adjustment Type: Pinlock

Number of Suspension Points: 4

Application: Work Site

Accessory Slots: Yes

Head Protection Brand: BULLARD