CONDOR Anti-Vibration Gloves, XL, Gold, 1 PR, 2HEW2 (SQ2377813WT04)


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Product Details

Constructed without a cuff, these gloves slip on and off easily, with material that extends over the wrist and whose air cells allow it to conform to your palm and fingers. Cut as 1 piece with the palm, the thumb extends straight from the wrist. This style uses less material, reducing the product cost. By reducing vibration impact and shock hazards from tools and equipment, these gloves protect against hand, finger, and arm fatigue. Primarily used in as driver’s, mechanic’s, or as general purpose gloves.

Technical Specs

Item: Anti-Vibration Gloves

Palm Material: Full Grain Leather

Color: Gold

Finger Style: Full Finger

Cuff: Elastic

Palm Construction: Full Grain Leather