CONTINENTAL Push-On Hose, Max. Working Pressure 250 psi, Hose I.D. 1/4", Length 250 ft (SQ5828876WT29)

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These nitrile bulk push-on air hoses with nitrile covers are used in industrial-service applications such as packaging equipment. These hoses do not conduct electricity. The hoses have a nitrile tube and a nitrile cover that resist oils and abrasion and provide excellent resistance to ozone.

Bulk push-on air hoses are used to create custom hose assemblies for carrying compressed air to pneumatic tools and equipment. The hoses can be cut to the desired length and compatible hose fittings can be added on the ends of the hoses to connect them to tools and equipment. These flexible air hoses accept push-on fittings, which push onto the ends of the hose and do not require clamps, ferrules, or crimping to hold them in place. The hoses are uncoiled and can be stored on a reel to keep them out of the way when not in use. Air hoses are also sometimes known as pneumatic hoses or compressor hoses.

Item: Push-On Hose

  • Hose Inside Dia.: 1/4 in

  • Hose Outside Dia.: 0.547 in

  • Hose Length: 250 ft

  • Hose Color: Black

  • Hose Tube Material: Nitrile

  • Hose Cover Material: Nitrile

  • Max. Working Pressure @ 70 F: 250 psi

  • Temp. Range: -20 Degrees to 190 Degrees F

  • Standards: RMA Class B

  • Safety Factor: 4:1

  • Hose Configuration: Bulk Hose

  • Not Recommended Chemicals: Acetic Acid (Glacial), Acetone, Ammonia (Liquids), Ammonium Hydroxide, Anhydrous Ammonia, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Beverage, Brake Fluid, Chromic Acid 30%, Chromic Acid 50%, Cyclohexane, DEF, Diesel Fuel, Dry Food, Ethyl Acetate, Formaldehyde, Formic Acid, Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Hydraulic Fluid (Petroleum), Hydraulic Fluid (Synthetic), Hydrazine, Hydrochloric/Muriatic Acid (100%), Hydrochloric/Muriatic Acid (37%), Hydrofluoric Acid (20%), Hydrofluoric Acid (75%), Hydrofluoric Acid 100%, Liquid Propane, LP Gas, Methyl Chloride, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Motor Oil, Natural Gas, Nitric Acid (50% Solution), Oxygen, Phosphoric Acid (40% Solution), Potassium Hydroxide (50%), Refrigerant R-12, Refrigerant R-134a, Refrigerant R-22, Refrigerant R-404A, Refrigerant R-407C, Refrigerant R-502, Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda (20%), Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda (50%), Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda (80%), Sodium Hypochlorite/Bleach (to 20%), Steam, Sulfuric Acid (10% - 75%), Sulfuric Acid (75% - 100%), Toluene, Trichlorethylene (50%), Xylene