CoroMill® 300 face milling cutter, RA300-032O32-13M (CR00768WTA20)


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Tool Style Code: 4

Cutting Diameter: 0.7500 in

Cutting Diameter Maximum: 1.2500 in

Clearance Angle Major, Pos. A: 15 Degrees

Body Diameter: 0.9567 in

Depth Of Cut Maximum: 0.2480 in

Protruding Length: 7.6378 in

Inscribed Circle Diameter, Pos. A: 0.5000 in

Overall Length: 10.000 in

Tool Style Code, Pos. A: 10

Connection Code Type, Machine Side: ZYL Cylindrical Shank

Connection Code Form At Machine Side: 01

Connection Code Unit Base Machine Side: 3-Inch With Coolant

Connection Code Style, Machine Side: 5-Shaft In Machine Direction or Hole In Workpiece Direction

Insert Thickness, Pos. A: 0.1563 in

Connection Size Code, Machine Side: 1250

Connection Diameter Machine Side: 1.2500 in

ISO Tolerance Class Shank Diameter: h7

Shank Length: 2.3622 in

Mill Tool Type ISO: N-Torus End Mill

Corner Radius, Pos. A: 0.2500 in

Rotational Speed Maximum: 7400 1/min

Ramping Angle Maximum:  12 Degrees

Plunge Depth Maximum: 0.1102 in

Cutting Direction: R-Right

Face Effective Cutting Edge Count: 2

Face Mounted Insert Count: 2

Coolant Entry Style Code: 1-With Coolant Entry, Axial Concentric

Coolant Exit Style Code: 3-With Coolant Exit, Axial and Radial

Body Material Code: S-Solid Steel

Master Insert Identification, Pos. A: R300-1340...

Working Process:

FEC- Square Shoulder Milling

FFO- Die Milling

FPL- Face Milling

FPR- Profile Milling