12pk, Drillco Jobber Length Drill Bit, #48, Point Angle 135°, High Speed Steel (SQ9126551WT14)


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The black-and-gold finish on these drill bits lubricates the bits and provides some resistance to wear and rust. These bits have spiral flutes that evacuate chips as the bits drill into a workpiece. They also have flats on their shank that help prevent the bits from slipping in a drill chuck when drilling at high speeds or under heavy loads.

Non-coolant-through high-speed steel jobber-length drill bits do not have coolant holes, so a separate hose is required to bring coolant to the bits' tip if it is needed. High-speed steel drill bits provide more flexibility and absorb more shock and vibration than cobalt, powdered-metal, and carbide drill bits, making them suitable for use in manual drilling machines and handheld power tools. They may leave a rough finish on the hole. Jobber-length drill bits are the most commonly used drill-bit length. They provide a good balance of strength and accuracy when drilling into a range of materials.

  • Item: Jobber Length Drill Bit

  • Drill Bit Size: #48

  • Decimal Equivalent: 0.076

  • Measurement System: Wire

  • Material - Machining: High Speed Steel

  • Finish - Machining: Black & Gold

  • Drill Bit Point Angle: 135 Degrees

  • Drill Bit Point Type: Split Point

  • Coolant Fed: Non-Coolant Through

  • Flute Type: Spiral

  • Number of Flutes: 2

  • Flute Length: 1"

  • Maximum Drilling Depth: 0.304"

  • Helix Angle: 28 Degrees

  • Cutting Direction: Right Hand

  • Spiral Direction: Right Hand

  • Shank Type - Machining: Straight

  • Shank Dia.: 0.076"

  • Shank Length: 1"

  • Overall Length: 2"

  • Depth:Dia. Ratio: 4xD

  • Drill Length Class: Jobber Length

  • Drill Point Length: 0.0157"

  • Drill Bit Grouping: Individual

  • Series: 1878

  • Standards: ASME B94.11M

  • Drill Diameter Tolerance: +0"/-0.0005"

  • Primary Material Application: Cast Iron, Steel

  • Primary Material Application ISO Code: K, P