E-A-R Probed Test Ear Plugs, Uncorded, Pod, PK10 (SQ9450599WT02)


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Prevent hearing loss and liability with ear plug fit testing systems. These kits ensure your employees are receiving optimal protection from their ear plugs. You can use them to test any ear plug, corded or uncorded, from any manufacturer. Ear plug fit testing systems measure the effectiveness of ear plug fit, in each ear, over a range of frequencies.

Item: Probed Test Ear Plugs

  • Disposable/ Reusable: Disposable

  • Noise Reduction Rating NRR: 0 dB

  • Insertion Method: Push-In

  • Metal Detectable: No

  • Ear Plug Color: Yellow

  • Ear Plug Material: Foam

  • Ear Plug Shape: Pod

  • Ear Plug Size: M

  • Cord Options: Uncorded

  • Pairs per Package: 10

  • Ear Plug Pair Pack Type: Plastic Bag

  • Series: E-A-Rfit(TM)