Exercise Workbook for Beginning AutoCAD 2007 (184169603449-WTA05)


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Exercise Workbook for Beginning AutoCAD 2007 
This title includes 30-day AutoCAD 2007 Trial Software on the enclosed CDs. It is totally updated for AutoCAD 2007 and 2007 LT including the new and enhanced Commands, Dimensioning, Hatching, Mtext, Dynamic Blocks, Dynamic Input and more. Ideal for classroom instruction or as a self-study tutorial, it provides only what you need without all of the jargon. It includes 30 lessons with step by step instructions followed by exercises designed for practicing the commands learned within the lesson. Each lesson starts very simple and progresses to more complex. It familiarizes users with the drawing commands first, and then teaches users to create their own setup drawings. It explains each lesson clearly and in a non-intimidating manner.