GOODMAN Blower Wheel, PTAC, 4-1/2" x 25" (CR00591WTA15)


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  • Item: Blower Wheel, PTAC
  • For Use With Grainger Item Number: 36PT39, 36PT40, 36PT41, 36PT42, 36PT43, 36PT44, 36PT45, 36PT46, 36PT47, 36PT48, 36PT49, 36PT50, 36PT51, 36PT52, 36PT53, 36PT54, 36PT55, 36PT56, 36PT57, 36PT58, 36PT59, 36PT60, 36PT61, 36PT62, 36PT63, 36PT64, 36PT65, 36PT66, 36PT67, 36PT68, 36PT69, 36PT70, 36PT71, 36PT72, 36PT73, 36PT74, 36PT75, 36PT76, 36PT77, 36PT78
  • For Use With Mfr. Model Number: PTC073G25AXXX, PTC073G25CXXX, PTC073G35AXXX, PTC073G35CXXX, PTC093G25AXXX, PTC093G25CXXX, PTC093G35AXXX, PTC093G35CXXX, PTC093G50AXXX, PTC093G50CXXX, PTC123G25AXXX, PTC123G25CXXX, PTC123G35AXXX, PTC123G35CXXX, PTC123G50AXXX, PTC123G50CXXX, PTC153G35AXXX, PTC153G35CXXX, PTC153G50AXXX, PTC153G50CXXX, PTH073G25CXXX, PTH073G35CXXX
  • Fits Brand: Goodman