Hydraulic Ram: Single Acting, 10 ton Nominal Capacity, 10 in Nominal Stroke Lg, Steel (CR00755WTA06)


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General purpose rams attach to a hydraulic pump to lift heavy loads with minimal effort. They have a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi.

Standard hydraulic rams are used in general purpose applications for one-direction lifting and supporting. They are often used with fixtures to support tasks such as crimping, pressing, and punching. They can also be used standalone for lifting heavy objects.

    • Item: Hydraulic Ram
    • Single Acting/Double Acting: Single Acting
    • Cylinder Type: General Purpose
    • Body Material: Steel
    • Nominal Capacity: 10 ton
    • Max. Push Capacity: 10 ton
    • Stroke Length: 10 1/8 in
    • Nominal Stroke Length: 10 in
    • Effective Push Area: 2.24 sq in
    • Max. Pressure: 10,000 psi
    • Retracted Height: 13.75 in
    • Extended Height: 23.88 in
    • Outside Dia.: 3 in
  • Plunger Dia.: 2.5 in