Kennametal 29/64" 140° Solid Carbide Jobber Drill, Coolant Through (SQ9867665WT14)


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Solid carbide provides better rigidity than high speed steel. It is extremely heat resistant and used for high speed applications on cast iron, nonferrous materials, plastics and other tough-to-machine materials.

Multilayer Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN) is a blended coating that is more efficient than TIN. It offers a high level of wear resistance at higher cutting speeds and used on high alloy steels and cast iron.

Spiral flutes are constructed with a higher flute angle to remove chips more easily.

Drill Bit Size (Inch): 29/64

Drill Bit Size (Decimal Inch): 0.4531

Drill Point Angle: 140

Drill Bit Material: Solid Carbide

Drill Bit Finish/Coating: Multilayer TiAlN

Flute Type: Spiral

Cutting Direction: Right Hand

Shank Type: Straight

Coolant Through: Coolant Through

Flute Length (mm): 71.00

Overall Length (mm): 118.00

Flute Length x Diameter Ratio: 5xD

Point Type: Standard

Shank Diameter (mm): 12.00

Maximum Drilling Depth (mm): 56.00

Spiral Type: Regular Spiral

Shank Length (mm): 45.00

Specification Designation: DIN

Drill Point Length (mm): 2.00

Web Configuration: Tapered

Number of Flutes: 2

Specification Number: DIN 6537K

Series/List: B052A-CPG