littlefuse 250 Amp mega fuse (CR00570WTA14)


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For the best battery and alternator protection, the MEGA® Fuse is your ideal choice. MEGA® Fuses are bolt-down style fuses that are designed for use on any application which requires use of heavy gauge cables needing ultra-high current protection. Like other fuses, MEGA® Fuses are a great alternative to circuit breakers when space is tight and there are multiple circuits needing protection. By allowing electrical components to draw the current needed, these fuses protect the components from overloading.

Industry standard fuses for high current automotive protection.
Fuses feature bolt-down design for easy installations and replacement.
Feature mounting holes that are .340" in diameter and spaced 2" apart.
Rated up to 32V DC.
Operating temperatures -40°F to 125°C.
MEGA Fuses are designed and patented by Littlefuse.

Product Group: Fuses
Product Type: Mega
Amperage: 250 Amp
Voltage: 32V DC