Mitsubishi Coolant Through Drill, MVS0675X15S080 DP1020, 0.2656 in. Dia. (CR00813WTA23)


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MVS0675X15S080 DP1020

  • New grade DP1020 offers long tool life for a wide range of work materials.
  • Unique coolant supply technology, TRI-cooling offers high machining efficiency.
Name of Grade Carbide
Grade DP1020

Unit of Length I
DC .2656
DCON .315
SIG 140°
LF 7.165
OAL 7.213
LH 5.126
LU 4.031
LCF 5.008
FHA 27°
ld 15
PL .047
Effective Cutting Edge 2
Max. Cutting Edge Diameter Tolerance -.013
Min. Cutting Edge Diameter Tolerance -.0022
Type of Coolant Internal


ZEFF face effective cutting edge count 2
DC connection diameter machine side .315
ULDR usable length diameter ratio 15
HAND hand right hand
LPR protruding length 5.204
BMC body material code Solid Carbide
UST unit system M
LF functional length 7.165
LH head length 5.126
LS shank length 2.087
LU usable length 4.031
NOF flute count 2
TCDCON general diameter TCDCON h6
LCF length chip flute 5.008
OAL overall length 7.213
FHA flute helix angle 27
CSP coolant supply property 1
DMM shank diameter (deprecated) .315
TSYC tool style code MVS
SIG point angle 140
PL point length .047
UST unit system M
LCF length chip flute .1972
FHA flute helix angle 27
UST unit system M
UST unit system M