NOGA Magnetic-Base Indicator Holder: Magnetic Base, Articulating Arm, 800 N Holding Power, V Step (CR00827WTA23)


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Magnetic base indicator holders have a magnetic base that’s connected to an adjustable arm assembly used to mount and position indicators. Also called mag bases, they are always-on or have an on/off knob or button to mount to machines, motors, benches, or other metal surfaces.

    • Item: Magnetic-Base Indicator Holder
    • Arm Type: Articulating
    • Base Height: 55 mm
    • Base Length: 60 mm
    • Base Size: 60 mm L x 50 mm W x 55 mm H
    • Base Type: Magnetic
    • Base Width: 50 mm
    • Compatible Indicator Mounts: 6 mm
    • Fine Adjustment Position: Fine Adjust Top (FAT)
    • Holding Power: 800 N
    • Maximum Reach: 347.5 mm
    • Step Type: V Step
    • Working Length of Post/Lower Arm: 163.5 mm
    • Working Length of Snug/Third Arm: 71 mm
    • Working Length of Upper Arm: 113 mm
    • Base Thread Size: M8 x 1
    • Construction: Steel
    • Includes: M8/M8 Adaptor
    • Includes Snug: Yes
    • Magnet Type: On/Off Knob
  • Screw Type: Plastic Knob