Orion Ropeworks 1/2" x 600' Polypropylene All Purpose General Utility Rope, Black/Orange (SQ6977511WT36)


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Biodegradable Light-Duty Polypropylene Twisted Rope is a good general-purpose rope that pulls easily through conduit pipe and obstructions with little friction. May be used with standard pulling machines and has a medium lay for hockle resistance.


Note: A dangerous situation occurs if personnel are in line with a rope under tension. Should the rope fail, it may recoil with considerable force. Death may result. Warn people against standing in line with the rope or its bight. To help ropes last longer: AVO

Rope Item: General Utility Rope

  • Rope Sub-Category: All Purpose

  • Rope Diameter: 1/2 in

  • Rope Material: Polypropylene

  • Rope Strand Count: 3

  • Rope Length: 600 ft

  • Working Load Limit: 340 lb

  • Rope Core Strand Count: 0

  • Rope Construction: Twisted

  • Tensile Strength: 3,477 lb

  • Rope Core: No

  • Color: Black/Orange

  • Rope Type: Static

  • Package Type: Spool