PARKER Union Cross, 5/8 in Tube Size, 13/16 in Hex Size, 10ECR10-B-GR (CR00476WTA09)


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With a compression design that allows for easy assembly, this versatile PARKER CPI™ union cross provides a leaktight seal for high pressure, vibration, and vacuum in gas or liquid applications. Features a single-ferrule design creates a dynamic seal on tube and body, with close tolerance of nut and body dimensions for accurate tube alignment. Fitting won’t twist the brass tubing during installation so that the mechanical integrity of the tubing is preserved. Has a 4:1 safety factor with respect to the working pressure capabilities of the tubing used. For use in refineries, chemical processing, power generation, and impulse lines.
  • Item: Union Cross
  • Tube Size: 5/8 in
  • Hex Size: 13/16 in
  • Temp. Range: -40 to 400 Degrees F