POWER FIRST Datacom Surge Protector, 10 Outlets, White, 6 ft., 3600 Rated Joules (SQ3451486WT12)


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Surge-protected power strips are portable blocks of electrical sockets that supply power to multiple devices from one outlet and protect the connected devices from damage due to unexpected voltage increases. Also called a surge suppressor, the surge protector absorbs the excess voltage and diverts it to the ground wire, preventing it from reaching the connected equipment. A surge protector's joule rating determines how much energy it can absorb before it fails. A higher number indicates greater protection. These outlet strips are typically used to provide additional outlets in areas that don't have enough wall receptacles for the number of devices. They are portable and can be unplugged and moved to another location as needed. They are suitable for homes, offices, medical facilities, and industrial environments where protection from power spikes is a priority.

Item: Datacom Surge Protector

  • Total Number of Outlets: 10

  • Color: White

  • Cord Length: 6 ft.

  • Communication Port: (2) Coaxial, (2) RJ11 Telephone

  • Rated Joules: 3600

  • Application: Home and Office

  • Housing Material: Plastic

  • Max. Amps: 15

  • Power Indicator: Yes

  • Receptacle Configuration: NEMA 5-15R

  • Plug Configuration: NEMA 5-15P

  • Wire Size: 14 AWG

  • Number of Transformer Outlets: 2

  • Number of Conductors: 3

  • Voltage: 120VAC

  • Length: 13-1/4"

  • Max. Surge Current: 135kA

  • Mounting Style: Keyhole

  • Noise Attenuation: Up to 40dB

  • Width: 1-19/64"

  • Trade Designation: SJT

  • Circuit Breaker: 1

  • Hz: 60

  • Standards: UL1449 3rd edition /cULus

  • Plug Style: Right Angle

  • Includes: Safety Cover, 6 Ft. Telephone Cord, 6 Ft. Coax Cable