PRINCE Welded Hydraulic Cylinder: 20 in Stroke Lg, 28 in Retracted Lg, Full PSI, 1 1/2 in Rod Dia. (CR00856WTA24)


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Standard-duty welded hydraulic cylinders are used in systems up to 2500 psi. Welded hydraulic cylinders are used in rugged industrial applications, such as metal fabrication and waste and recycling facilities.

Welded hydraulic cylinders withstand large temperature swings and are designed for rugged applications in harsh industrial environments, including waste and recycling facilities, metal-fabricating presses, and steel mills. Sometimes called round-body cylinders, welded-cross cylinders, or ag cylinders, they are lighter and more compact than tie-rod cylinders, making them a good choice for use in mobile applications. The barrel of the heavy-duty housing is welded directly to the end caps, strengthening the cylinder body and eliminating the need for tie rods. Cross tubes are welded on to the piston end of the cylinder to add stability and have end fittings with grease zerks.

    • Item: Welded Hydraulic Cylinder
    • Single Acting/Double Acting: Double Acting
    • Duty Rating: Standard Duty
    • Bore Dia.: 3 in
    • Stroke Length: 20 in
    • Rod Dia.: 1 1/2 in
    • Retracted Length: 28 in
    • Extended Length: 48 in
    • Port Size: 1/2 in NPTF
    • Max. Pressure: 2,500 psi
    • Column Load: Full PSI
    • Piston Material: Ductile Iron
    • Piston Rod Material: Chrome Plated
    • Ring Material: Cast Iron
    • Tubes: Heavy-wall Honed Steel
    • Rod Seal Type: Urethane U-cup
    • Body Material: Steel
    • Piston Seal Type: Cast Iron
    • Finish: Painted
  • Pin Dia.: 1 in