SPI 38mm Max Capacity, 90° Angle, V-Block 5" Long x 2-3/8" Wide x 2-7/8" High (CR00653WTA16)


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V-blocks are used for holding cylindrical components for detecting and inspecting. They are designed with a 90-degree channel rotated 45-degrees from the sides, forming a V-shaped channel in the top. V-Blocks are commonly available in pairs. Some come with magnets for magnetic workholding applications.


Type V-Block
Sold As Individual
Overall Length (mm) 125.02
Overall Length (Inch) 5
Overall Length (Decimal Inch) 4.9219
Overall Width (mm) 59.93
Overall Width (Inch) 2-3/8
Overall Width (Decimal Inch) 2.3594
Overall Height (mm) 73.03
Overall Height (Decimal Inch) 2.8750
Overall Height (Inch) 2-7/8
V Angle 90.00
Maximum Capacity of V (mm) 38.00
Maximum Capacity of V (Decimal Inch) 1.4961
Magnetic Yes