STARRETT Portable Surface Roughness Tester with External Display: SR160, 5 um Probe Tip Radius (CR00806X05)


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These portable surface roughness testers, also known as surface testers, are built with the probe separate from the display body with no connecting cables needed. The display body has output options, memory options, and interface options, and shows multiple parameters at once as well as more data output interface options. They can cycle through standard measurements such as Ra and Rz of a surface.

    • Item: Portable Surface Roughness Tester with External Display
    • IP Rating: Not Rated
    • SPC Output: No
    • Data Output Type: Wireless
    • Display Functions: Battery Level/Charging Indication, Measurement Profile Graph, Measurement Results, Calibration Menu, Page Down, Settings, Page Tabs, Connectivity Status
    • Display Type: LCD
    • Drive Unit Principle: Skid
    • Maximum Operating Temperature - C: 40 Degrees C
    • Maximum Operating Temperature - F: 104 Degrees F
    • Measuring Condition Standards: ISO4287
    • Measuring Range: 1600 micro-in./(40 microns)
    • Measuring Range (In.): 0.2in
    • Measuring Range (mm): 200 mm
    • Measuring Range Ra: 200 micronm
    • Measuring Range Rz: ;0.01 micronm
    • Memory Storage Capacity: None
    • Minimum Operating Temperature - C: 5 Degrees C
    • Minimum Operating Temperature - F: 41 Degrees F
    • Number of Parameters Measured: 14
    • Operating Position: Horizontal, Vertical, Upside Down
    • Parameters Measured: Ra, Rz, Rp, Rv, Rt, Rz1Max, Rsk, Rq, Rku, Pa, Pz, Pp, Pv, Pt
    • Probe Sensor Type: Piezoelectric
    • Probe Tip Radius: 5 um
    • Profile Resolution: 0.01micron m
    • Sampling Length: 0.003 in, 0.01 in, 0.03 in, 0.1 in
    • Tester Series: SR160
    • Analysis Graph: Profile Graph
    • Calibration Functions: Automated Software Calibration Routine
    • Case Type: Hard Transport Case
    • Compatible Memory Card: None
    • Compatible Wireless Transmitter: Bluetooth
    • Data Output Connection Type: Bluetooth
    • Detector Measuring Force: 2 mN
    • Digital Filter Type: Gaussian
    • Dimensions - Display Unit: 3.90 in x 2.10 in x 1.40 in
    • Display Screen Size: 2.4 in
    • Features: Diamond Stylus and Piezoelectric Pickup, Profile Graph, Rubberized Molding, Simple Navigation, Tactile Measurement Button, Two-Piece Construction with Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity
    • For Use With: Aerospace, Automotive, General Manufacturing Testing, Precision Bearings, Safety
    • Includes: Extra Reference Standard, Hard Transport Case, Magnetic Base, Usb Charger
    • Includes Case: Yes
    • Includes Printer: No
    • Number of Sampling Spans: 2
    • Operating Temperature Range: 41 Degrees F to 104 Degrees F / 5 Degrees C to 40 Degrees C
    • Power Supply: 9V Battery
  • Transverse Cutoff Length: 0.8 mm