TAP MAGIC Liquid Cutting Oil, Base Oil : Petroleum, 16 oz. Bottle (183804857693-WTA01)


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Tap Magic Cutting Oil in a convenient, 16-ounce squeeze bottle is the ideal solution to use when cutting any type of metal or plastic with a lathe. Only the smallest amount of Tap Magic Cutting Oil is required to sufficiently lubricate materials to be cut without the problems of dust or sparks. The formula for this oil produces no unpleasant odor and features a 1.0 Specific Gravity, 120 Viscosity and a Flash Point of 300 degrees F. This high-quality extreme pressure lubricant prevents metal-to-metal adhesion.

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GTIN 0662387100164
UPC 0662387100164
eBay Product ID (ePID) 1400436174

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Model 81K-T00-2904

Weight 1.08 lbs
Length 3.700