Tubewringer 202-N Light Duty (SQ8577364WT31)


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  • expensive caulk

  • adhesives

  • oil paint

  • caviar

  • cake icing

  • hair dye

  • medical compounds

  • toothpaste

  • ointment

  • and so much more!

All models accommodate tubes of up to 2 ⅞ inches wide.

The Tube-Wringer® has uses besides getting every possible drop out of tubes. It can also be used as a crimper for craft projects, model train roofs, and jewelry. This tool is easy to clean, all you have to do is wipe or wash it by hand, and it’s ready for your next project.

The Light Duty Tubewringer has nylon rollers on the 202 are durable and may well last a lifetime for the occasional user.