Tweco VTH40 Contact Tip H Velocity, C40"/1.0MM (10 pack) (18454071076-BT58)


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Tweco VTH40 Contact Tip H Velocity, C40"/1.0MM 

Tweco VTH40 (1160-1762) .040" Velocity™ Heavy Duty Contact Tip (10 Pack)

Several features, inspired by welders, are built into the Velocity design. 


  • Addition of gas ports in the tip channels the shielding gas through the tip 
  • Greater contact surface area 
  • Fewer connections in the system 
  • Conduit liner fits inside the tip for improved wire feedability 
  • Ultra-smooth internal profile for excellent wire feeding
  • Shielding gas flows through ports keeping contact tip cooler
  • Large copper to copper surface contact for superior thermal and electrical efficiency 



The Velocity contact tip remains cooler. A cooler tip extends the life of the tip resulting in fewer tip changes, and less tip usage, and increase productivity and lowers total cost of usage, with up to 8x extended tip life.